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Warhammer Online Release Date: Part 2

So, it looks like the date got pushed up. Multiple sites are now showing the Collectors Edition of the game is due to ship on Sept 16th, and they are listing that the servers will go live on Sept 18th.

That sounds a little more solid than a guess. 


Warhammer Online Release Date Set

After multiple delays and push backs EA has announced the release date for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. September 23rd. Link Here. I am excited. You should be too.

Please God, NO.

No. Just, no. DO NOT DO IT! #$^%^&%^$&^%^#%^$%#$%^#$%^&! Of all the movies that really should not be remade, this one probably tops the list. There is absolutely no way they can do it justice. 

i09 is reporting that MTV is remaking Rocky Horror.

With the civilized world’s eyes turned to Comic-Con, there was nobody alert enough to protest the news about scifi sex extravaganza Rocky Horror Picture Show yesterday. Yes, it’s being remade. I know that already sounds hurty, but it gets worse: MTV is remaking it. The very same MTV that brings you movies like Aeon Flux. This remake, which will possibly open as early as Halloween next year, will be based on the original script but include new songs. But the fact is that Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn’t need to be remade — it’s already its own remake.

The movie remakes and respawns itself week after week as new generations of teenagers discover it at local rep houses and learn that freaks are everywhere (and they can be freaks too). How can you remake something that has already been remade thousands of times over by its audiences? And by theater troupes who reenact it? Plus, there’s simply no way that the 1970s sexytime tale of a “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania” could ever be told or retold in an era of safe sex and gay marriage. These days, Frank N Furter would just get married to Rocky, settle down, and move to the suburbs. The characters we love in Rocky Horror, and that audiences talk back to in cities across the world, cannot be “updated.” And they cannot ever be remade in a way more pleasing than we can remake them ourselves, in our local theaters, wearing silly makeup and carrying umbrellas.

MTV Readies Rocky Horror Redux [Variety]

Has the Age of Conan Already Past?

The website WoWRiot has an interesting article up today about Funcom stocks and AoC’s performance. I think a lot of us who played the game have been expecting this, and I am also predicting an even bigger drop on the 20th of this month (the chart only goes to the 15th), as the 20th is the 2 month mark for people who subscribed on release day, and thats the day peoples accounts would have expired if they canceled after their initial free month. The 20th was the day my account went inactive.

Here is some more from the article, it seems pretty biased against Funcom, and I couldn’t tell you how much is actually fact, but interesting never the less.

It has been hard to separate the truth from the spin in the ongoing Age of Conan saga, but we’re seeing more and more evidence that neither players nor stockholders are satisfied with Funcom’s campaign of misinformation.

After repeated misleading press releases, Funcom still has no answers for people wondering where all the players are going.  Populations on all servers are down, forum activity is dropping, and the community at large seems content to simply pack up and go home.  Funcom refuses to acknowledge this fact, and seems comfortable giving no response to its waning Conan fanbase.

This negligent treatment of customers has investors fleeing in droves, dropping the share price of FUNCOM.OL down by 60% since Age of Conan’s launch (see image above).  In a climate where customers are outraged and the “company line” reports no problems, serious trouble is the unspoken implication.

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I Hate AT&T and Apple


There, I said it. Right now I am very upset with both AT&T and Apple. Let me also say, I want an iPhone, and I have been waiting for one for a long time. When the original came out I decided to wait for the second gen with 3g, which I just knew was coming. So far the iPhone has lived up to the majority of the hype, and I really want one. Finally, my wait is over, and I can go get the lovely new iPhone 3g.

Now here is where stuff gets annoying. My original first gen Razr decided to stop working 8 or so months ago, and I was forced to get a new phone. Of course I was eligible for an upgrade at the time, so I used it. Now I am unable to get an iPhone at the advertised price of $200/$300 because my line isn’t eligible until November. AT&T will not help me. My only options are to pay the full $400 or $500 price, or I can cancel my current plan with them and start a new plan. The catch? I lose my number, which I just can’t do right now.

Eff you AT&T.

Now Apple. Eff you too. The current tag line of “Twice the Speed, Half the Price” is bullshit. Its still full price, in fact it is more when you consider the new +$10 a month for Data, and another $5 a month for text messages. Even if you qualify for the subsidized price, it still ends up costing you more over the life of your 2 year plan.

So is it worth it for me to spend an extra $200 to get the iPhone now or wait till November. I do not know yet. The worst part is that I will probably cave in and go buy one at full price, then I will not only be mad at AT&T and Apple, but at myself as well.

RIP Nintendo (Updated)


**Check for the update after the break, at the end of this post, a nice video to confirm they don’t give a rats ass about core gamers**

Shigeru Miyamoto only recently made a remark that E3 is no longer a place to introduce new games for the core gamer. Additionally, it has been discovered that the legendary video game mastermind provided a response about making franchises such as Zelda and Mario more accessible. Unfortunately, it looks like those who have been hoping that the next Zelda would ramp up the difficulty won’t find the next Zelda game to be any tougher. If anything, the next Zelda title could be even less hardcore than we’re accustomed to. “Frankly, some of the so-called ‘franchise games’ are quite difficult for nongamers to play, so making accessible games for these players is key. With Zelda, we have to consider how to make it accessible for new gamers to pick up and play and enjoy just as hardcore gamers have. For example, we’ve got the Touch Generations series. Now, we’re not necessarily going to make our “franchise” games in that style, but we’ll take what we know and have learned — the philosophy behind those games — and incorporate it into franchise games. That’s a philosophy that’s very strong at Nintendo.” –

My feelings on this after the break (as if the title of the post didn’t make it obvious)

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Hellgate: London Update

Wow, this is getting very messy. IGN tries to clear it all up.

A significant number of Hellgate: LondonMythos and Ping0 staff have been made redundant, Gamasutrareports. Coming mere weeks after confessions from Hellgate executives regarding the game’s unfinished state, a sizeable rant by the company’s sole surviving programmer, and suggestions that the staff went considerably over-budget, the end of the line draws near for Flagship. Having accepted significant amounts of venture capitalist funding, Flagship currently has no way of repaying that investment, and presumably no way of paying day-to-day bills, despite EA’s claims of the game having one active million subscribers.However, Korean distributor and co-I.P. owner HanbitSoft later clarified that the majority of those subscribers were in their territory. And because of that, the firm has today taken control of Hellgate: London with the intention to maintain and update the game using in-house staff.


HanbitSoft states that the reason it is pursuing this course of action is because “It is hard for us to accept Flagship Studios’ requests for continued support in capital and funding any longer and because Flagship was being difficult”, and because it co-owns a direct stake in the IP, it therefore “has a say in reviewing and determining any course of action to be taken with Hellgate: London.”HanbitSoft is expected to take full control over the IP. HanbitSoft goes on to state that in doing so, it will be able to “properly manage and develop Hellgate: London into a good game with proper content”, with its own in-house team of developers.

The report further states that the online service of Hellgate: London, which started in January 15, 2008 acquired 100,000 early users within the first two weeks of operation during which time HanbitSoft earned 3 billion won (approximately 3 million USD) for the sales of Hellgate: London in Korea. However, the number of players in the game significantly declined due to the lack of general out-of-the-box content and the sparsity of ongoing content updates. Since its Open Beta launch, Hellgate: London has gone from being the 9th most played game in Korea to 52nd post-commercial launch.

Amusingly, Flagship knew nothing of the Asian revolt, and now intends to take all necessary legal action to retain control of Hellgate worldwide:


This story is an outright lie. We have no idea where they are getting their information from and have asked legal counsel to pursue the issue. We are mystified by Hanbitsoft’s conclusions and any attempt to take over the IP will be met with a strong and swift response, to “illegally take over the IP”. All right title and interest in Hellgate; London resides in Flagship Financing, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flagship Studios. We are outraged that Hanbitsoft would attempt to completely tarnish the reputation of its most vital developer. Hanbitsoft’s new management clearly does not understand the terms of its relationship with Flagship.

The saga continues, stay tuned.

Update: Hanbitsoft’s lawyers got in touch:


Please understand that the facts are (1) HanbitSoft is an exclusive licensee of both Hellgate and Mythos in Asia, with rights to sublicense the games; (2) in addition, HanbitSoft is a secured creditor who has been pledged the Mythos (but not the Hellgate) intellectual property as collateral for a loan; (3) Comerica, another secured lender, has been pledged the Hellgate intellectual property as its collateral for a loan; (4) Flagship Studios does not currently own the intellectual properties to either game, which are held in separate companies subject to the security interests of lenders, and Flagship Studios’ interest in those companies is also pledged to its lenders; (5) it is unfortunate that Flagship turned down additional investments HanbitSoft offered to make that would have allowed it to keep its doors open, but HanbitSoft hopes to work with Comerica and some of the team at Flagship to see if there is a way to continue to generate content to keep Hellgate online in Asia and to finish the development of Mythos.

Note point five: “would have allowed it to keep its doors open.”