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Blame The W’s

Thanks to my addiction to MMOGs (WoW and WAR)  kicking in overtime, I started to completely ignore, but as I have weaned myself away again, I think it is time to start updating.


Look forward to more inane posts and random crap coming very shortly.


RIP Nintendo (Updated)


**Check for the update after the break, at the end of this post, a nice video to confirm they don’t give a rats ass about core gamers**

Shigeru Miyamoto only recently made a remark that E3 is no longer a place to introduce new games for the core gamer. Additionally, it has been discovered that the legendary video game mastermind provided a response about making franchises such as Zelda and Mario more accessible. Unfortunately, it looks like those who have been hoping that the next Zelda would ramp up the difficulty won’t find the next Zelda game to be any tougher. If anything, the next Zelda title could be even less hardcore than we’re accustomed to. “Frankly, some of the so-called ‘franchise games’ are quite difficult for nongamers to play, so making accessible games for these players is key. With Zelda, we have to consider how to make it accessible for new gamers to pick up and play and enjoy just as hardcore gamers have. For example, we’ve got the Touch Generations series. Now, we’re not necessarily going to make our “franchise” games in that style, but we’ll take what we know and have learned — the philosophy behind those games — and incorporate it into franchise games. That’s a philosophy that’s very strong at Nintendo.” –

My feelings on this after the break (as if the title of the post didn’t make it obvious)

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The Great Minivan Experience

Yup, thats right, my best friend is now the owner of a brand new Minivan. Lets all take a moment to point and laugh at Steve. OK, now thats over, I just wanted to take a moment to explain. I spent a big portion of the last week and this last weekend helping Steve shop for a new vehicle. He ended up getting the above minivan for his wife and kid. So, now that the “Great Minivan Shopping Experience” is over, I should be back having much more time to update. 

I hope everyone had a great 4th weekend and got as tan as I did laying by the pool. We should be back to the regular updating today.

New Editor

There is this place. A special place. A land of liquid rainbows and chocolate sunshine. A place where the rivers run rich with honey and when the wind blows through the grass, you can hear David Bowie. This post has nothing to do with that special place.

Instead I would like to introduce our newest Editor here at Nullword. My good friend Nickel has been nice enough to join the crew. I asked him to come write for us mostly because he has good writing skills, and an Indy haircut.

Nickel is going to be doing Movie, Music and Wii game reviews. And pretty much anything else he has an opinion on, which is everything.

nullword Needs a Banner

It has been our first real week here at, and we got a decent amount of hits thanks to the Guitar Hero 4 post I made. I am pretty excited with how we are doing so far, even if Clayton sucks at updating (due to being on vacation), and Gretchen decided to start her own blog CraftCrack instead of updating here.

I think the next order of business is to get rid of the generic banner graphic. If anyone reading has any artistic skills, and wants to help out, I would be glad to accept submissions. What I am looking for is some thing simple as the current banner is, with a lot of white in it to match the theme. Needs to be 10 by 2.5 (720 by 180 pixels) at 72 dpi.

Thanks guys.

Banner submissions can be emailed to (I am working on that mxrecord stuff).