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Wallpapers Everywhere

Over the last few months I have been collecting high res wallpapers and loading them on my Flickr for people to grab. I thought I would post a link here in case anyone wanted a few new wallpapers.

Rup’s Flickr Wallpapers


She is Retired?


It is a little bit hard to read, but well worth it.

Ga-Ko Alarm Clock

It is here! My Ga-Ko alarm clock has arrived. I have barely even played MGS:4 because I’ve been busy with life and now I’m prepping for Burning Man, but I knew that I loved the Ga-Ko clock and that I had to have it. Here it is. It’s great. It Ga-Ko’s at you and you press a button on his foot to make it stop. Pictures and an action video after the break.

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WTF Image of the Day: Fail Friday

So its Friday and there is not a huge amount of new apart from all the frothing over the Blizzard teaser page. We will find out soon enough what that means (Tomorrow). Here are some FAIL images, enjoy, and I will have an update tomorrow on the Blizzard stuff.

Ryanair To Provide Free Oral Sex To Business Class Passengers

I honestly don’t know what to think. On one hand you have the horrible experience of flying, but on the other, free blowjobs. Hummmmmm.

From Consumerist:

While American discount airlines like Spirit Air and Southwest alternate between running sophomoric promotions and enforcing their prudish dress codes on passengers, European counterpartRyanair has trumped them all with its CEO’s announcement that transcontinental business class passengers will receive free “beds and blowjobs.” Video inside (safe for work if your job lets the word “blowjob” be said aloud).

In a press conference, CEO Michael O’Leary discussed Ryanair’s new transcontinental service, which will offer extremely cheap economy fares, as well as luxurious business class seats that include amenities like “white seats,” beds, and oral sex.

Hot Ass = Socks?

When you think of buying socks is the first thing that comes to mind a really great ass? If so head over to Is It Weird? and take a look at the latest American Apparel ad. Trust me, its worth it.

Starcraft Universe

Sorry. It is fake. But damn did I get excited for a few moments when I saw this. I would absolutely love a Starcraft MMO game done by Blizzard. Hell, reskin WoW with Space Marines and Zerg and I will be a happy camper. If they speed up the combat a bit I would be in heaven.

This image goes back to the teaser splash page that is up right now at the Blizzard website. For some more speculation and theory you can check out these pages:

Blizzard artist adds new image directory ‘Hydra’ to his site, promptly pulls it – the other folders on his site are Starcraft and Warcraft.

XFire pulls a mention of a new game announcement at WWI.

Digging into the .CSS file reveals more links to Diablo II.