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Wallpapers Everywhere

Over the last few months I have been collecting high res wallpapers and loading them on my Flickr for people to grab. I thought I would post a link here in case anyone wanted a few new wallpapers.

Rup’s Flickr Wallpapers


Software: Photoscape

Lifehacker posted a new freeware Photo editing program. I just went and grabbed it and gave it a try. So far I am very happy, as I don’t have a copy of Photoshop on my PC, and I don’t really want the whole photoshop just to do small edits and resizes on images. Here is what Lifehacker had to say:

Windows only: Freeware image editor Photoscape offers a large array of features packaged with a simple and intuitive user interface. View and organize your photos in Photoscape, correct red eye and white balance, crop, add text and frames, and more all from the basic editor. Photoscape also has a batch editor for quickly processing large volumes of pictures, a file renamer, RAW to JPEG processor, screen capture tool, image splitter for printing pictures across multiple sheets, and the ability to create animated GIFs.

So if your like me and you just want some nice light photo editing ability, and don’t want to buy Photoshop (yeah, cause you all buy Photoshop right?), grab this freeware, it is worth it.

Download HERE

Childhood Fears

 Soothbrush has an post up with some really great photography by Joshua Hoffine. These photos depict childhood fears in a very primal and chilling way. Here is a quote from Josh on his images.

“My images are not photoshop collages. I use photoshop to finesse details and to adjust color and contrast for printing. I use friends and family members as actors and crew. Everyone works for free. We do it for fun.”

Hit  THIS LINK to see a bunch more of his photos. Warning, some of his photos are pretty graphic.

WTF Image of the Day: TF2 Edition

Gizmodo Gallery of Glory

Gizmodo has just posted the results of their Steve Jobs Photoshop contest, and I have to say the results are very cool. 

From Gizmodo: The most recent challenge: use your skills to depict Steve Jobs as either good or evil. The results ranged from inspired to unsettling to confusing to borderline-offensive, which is just what any good Photoshop contest should end up with.

Here is a link to the full gallery