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Ga-Ko Alarm Clock

It is here! My Ga-Ko alarm clock has arrived. I have barely even played MGS:4 because I’ve been busy with life and now I’m prepping for Burning Man, but I knew that I loved the Ga-Ko clock and that I had to have it. Here it is. It’s great. It Ga-Ko’s at you and you press a button on his foot to make it stop. Pictures and an action video after the break.

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I Hate AT&T and Apple


There, I said it. Right now I am very upset with both AT&T and Apple. Let me also say, I want an iPhone, and I have been waiting for one for a long time. When the original came out I decided to wait for the second gen with 3g, which I just knew was coming. So far the iPhone has lived up to the majority of the hype, and I really want one. Finally, my wait is over, and I can go get the lovely new iPhone 3g.

Now here is where stuff gets annoying. My original first gen Razr decided to stop working 8 or so months ago, and I was forced to get a new phone. Of course I was eligible for an upgrade at the time, so I used it. Now I am unable to get an iPhone at the advertised price of $200/$300 because my line isn’t eligible until November. AT&T will not help me. My only options are to pay the full $400 or $500 price, or I can cancel my current plan with them and start a new plan. The catch? I lose my number, which I just can’t do right now.

Eff you AT&T.

Now Apple. Eff you too. The current tag line of “Twice the Speed, Half the Price” is bullshit. Its still full price, in fact it is more when you consider the new +$10 a month for Data, and another $5 a month for text messages. Even if you qualify for the subsidized price, it still ends up costing you more over the life of your 2 year plan.

So is it worth it for me to spend an extra $200 to get the iPhone now or wait till November. I do not know yet. The worst part is that I will probably cave in and go buy one at full price, then I will not only be mad at AT&T and Apple, but at myself as well.

iPhone Apps Released

Lifehacker has a great post up about some of the new apps for the iPhone 2.0 update enabled phones. So if you have an updated iPhone you really should go check this out.


More than 550 new applications arrived for the iPhone and iPod touch this morning in iTunes’ brand new App Store and more than 130 of them are available for free. This morning we’re taking a look at the best free applications for your iPhone and iPod Touch, available after the 2.0 software update officially arrives (or after you’ve grabbed the unofficial update). 

Note: Most of the apps listed here work with both iPhones and iPod touch models, but we’ve noted where an app requires the iPhone’s voice, SMS, or GPS capabilities to run.


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Sony Loses a Lot of Money on Game Devision

So it seems that Sony’s gaming devision is in the red. Deep red. is reporting that Sony’s gaming devision has lost $3.4 Billion. Here is the report:

Sony’s top priority in the coming year is “to restore profitability in our television and game businesses,” the company’s chairman, Howard Stringer, said today (Friday). Sony reported a $678-million loss in its TV business last year and a $3.4-billion loss in its game division. Speaking at a shareholders’ meeting in Tokyo, Stringer appeared to take note of the fact that Sony’s PlayStation game systems are selling well below those of rival Nintendo’s Wii, when he said, according to a Bloomberg News report, “Three years ago, we were criticized for the lack of innovation. Three days ago, in a U.K. brand poll, Sony was ranked No. 1 this year. … But, we are not No. 1 in my mind yet.”


Cell Phone Wars Heat Up

With the upcoming iPhone 3G release, it seems that Sprint is trying their hardest to sway people over to their “iPhone Killer” Instinct. Gizmodo is reporting that the fun little don’t-call-it-an-iPhone feature phone goes on sale June 20 priced at $129 after a $100 mail-in rebate. A week ago, we reported that the price had fallen from $299 to $199. Personally I don’t like the Instinct, I feel it lacks style and any sort of artistic element. But thats just me. This is a GREAT deal for anyone stuck with Sprint or not wanting to buy an iPhone for any reason. 

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iPhone 3G: And the Other Shoe Drops

Gizmodo has an article up about the iPhone 3G and AT&T’s pricing. It seems that the pricing touted by Steve Jobs was the subsidized pricing, and that is only going to be offered to select customers. Gizmodo writes:

AT&T just gave us new details on how their upgrading plans will work for the iPhone 3G. The company is treating the iPhone 3G pretty much just like any other phone in that people who are ineligible for upgrades have to pay the full, unsubsidized price for the phone. People who qualify for upgrade status and people who have an original iPhone are free to upgrade at the $199/$299 price set by Apple. AT&T hasn’t specified what the unsubsidized price is, so we’ll update when we know more.

So. It seems that the other shoe has dropped on this whole iPhone 3G thing. Its not going to be as simple as Better, Faster, Cheaper. In fact if you do the math, the new higher priced data plans from AT&T are already going to end up costing you $40 more over 2 years than the old iPhones. Now if you don’t qualify for the phone subsidy you will end up paying quite a bit more. How do you know if you quality, hit the jump to find out. Continue reading

Science has finally caught up with awesome


Scientists have shown off the blueprint for an “acoustic cloak”, which could make objects impervious to sound waves.

So, you could actually soundproof walls, create amazing acoustics, and overall lead a perfect life with your sound. No Coldplay coming through the ceiling when your apartment neighbor ends their relation ship (or has sex). No Cops banging on your door, no end to parties, no space that can’t have a party all night and all day because “the neighbors might hear.” Just harmony, peace and motherfucking freedom.

Give me this shit right fucking now.