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Wallpapers Everywhere

Over the last few months I have been collecting high res wallpapers and loading them on my Flickr for people to grab. I thought I would post a link here in case anyone wanted a few new wallpapers.

Rup’s Flickr Wallpapers


iPhone Apps Released

Lifehacker has a great post up about some of the new apps for the iPhone 2.0 update enabled phones. So if you have an updated iPhone you really should go check this out.


More than 550 new applications arrived for the iPhone and iPod touch this morning in iTunes’ brand new App Store and more than 130 of them are available for free. This morning we’re taking a look at the best free applications for your iPhone and iPod Touch, available after the 2.0 software update officially arrives (or after you’ve grabbed the unofficial update). 

Note: Most of the apps listed here work with both iPhones and iPod touch models, but we’ve noted where an app requires the iPhone’s voice, SMS, or GPS capabilities to run.


Some of the better apps after the jump. Continue reading

Free FPS Game? Kind Of.

I am pretty undecided about this. One one hand, I like to encourage innovation, but at the same time, will the “free” play be viable? I may have to give this a try tonight. 

From Kotaku:

Remember the uproar that was stirred when folks thought that EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company would have weapons only available for purchase? For the few of you who actually liked the idea, Nexon presents Combat Arms, their first multiplayer online FPS. Along with a hearty selection of free weapons, Nexon allows players to purchase new weapons adn equipment from their online store, tricking out their character to their hearts’ and wallets’ content.

You can head over to the official website to download the game for free and check out the tons of new content Nexon has added in honor of today’s official launch, including new weapons, a new map, and the addition of a new game mode, Capture the Flag. Wait, they’ve only just added Capture the Flag? This should be entertaining.

Ryanair To Provide Free Oral Sex To Business Class Passengers

I honestly don’t know what to think. On one hand you have the horrible experience of flying, but on the other, free blowjobs. Hummmmmm.

From Consumerist:

While American discount airlines like Spirit Air and Southwest alternate between running sophomoric promotions and enforcing their prudish dress codes on passengers, European counterpartRyanair has trumped them all with its CEO’s announcement that transcontinental business class passengers will receive free “beds and blowjobs.” Video inside (safe for work if your job lets the word “blowjob” be said aloud).

In a press conference, CEO Michael O’Leary discussed Ryanair’s new transcontinental service, which will offer extremely cheap economy fares, as well as luxurious business class seats that include amenities like “white seats,” beds, and oral sex.

Software: Photoscape

Lifehacker posted a new freeware Photo editing program. I just went and grabbed it and gave it a try. So far I am very happy, as I don’t have a copy of Photoshop on my PC, and I don’t really want the whole photoshop just to do small edits and resizes on images. Here is what Lifehacker had to say:

Windows only: Freeware image editor Photoscape offers a large array of features packaged with a simple and intuitive user interface. View and organize your photos in Photoscape, correct red eye and white balance, crop, add text and frames, and more all from the basic editor. Photoscape also has a batch editor for quickly processing large volumes of pictures, a file renamer, RAW to JPEG processor, screen capture tool, image splitter for printing pictures across multiple sheets, and the ability to create animated GIFs.

So if your like me and you just want some nice light photo editing ability, and don’t want to buy Photoshop (yeah, cause you all buy Photoshop right?), grab this freeware, it is worth it.

Download HERE

Free Wifi at Starbucks Now Live


Gizmodo is reporting today that the Starbucks Free Wifi from AT&T is now live. Coffee drinkers rejoice.

Starbucks free Wi-Fi program with AT&T is officially a go today. If you go to sign up for a Starbucks card, you get the option of with or without Wi-Fi. As long as you use the prepaid card once a month, you get two hours of free Wi-Fi a day. Welcome to 2008, Starbucks. 

Nine Inch Nails Gives Away Album


The Slip


Nine Inch Nails are giving away their newest album, The Slip, 100% free online. I finally had the chance to listen to it today, and at first I wasn’t very excited, but after giving it a few tries it started growing on me. I am not a huge NIN fan but I do like some of their stuff, and this new one is decent if slightly forgettable. It feels a bit like it was just put together and put out, but it doesn’t seem to have much production value, if that make sense.

If your interested in it you can go HERE and enter your email and they will send you a download link in a few hours. 

For a free album, its worth having.