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She is Retired?


It is a little bit hard to read, but well worth it.


WTF Image of the Day: Fail Friday

So its Friday and there is not a huge amount of new apart from all the frothing over the Blizzard teaser page. We will find out soon enough what that means (Tomorrow). Here are some FAIL images, enjoy, and I will have an update tomorrow on the Blizzard stuff.

Hot Ass = Socks?

When you think of buying socks is the first thing that comes to mind a really great ass? If so head over to Is It Weird? and take a look at the latest American Apparel ad. Trust me, its worth it.

WTF Image of the Day: Friday



Happy Friday guys. It is hot as hell here. Go to the beach or the pool. Turn on the AC and have a good weekend.

Best Review: The Worst Book Ever Written

It seems that reader Charles Moore didn’t like the book he just read. In fact he disliked it so much, he went on Amazon and left The Best Book Review Ever and totally slammed the book The Shadow God by Aaron Rayburn. And when I say slammed, I mean he ripped this thing apart. It’s a long review, but completely woth reading. Here is a snipit from the review:

“The lamp’s glow was very weak compared to the blue glow emancipating from the basement.” 

Emanating, Rayburn, EMANATING. When will people learn never to trust their SpellCheck without verifying it’s the word they meant??? There are, in total, 11 instances of Rayburn using the wrong word, and believe me, each one is funnier than the last. 

Hit the jump for the full review in all its glory.

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WTF Image of the Day: Friday

It has been a little while since we had a WTF Image of the Day, thanks in part to AoC and me not having time to find one. Here is a gallery I have been saving up for a Friday.

I Can Has Graphs

I was introduced to a new site today, Graphjam which has users submit graphs in the same style as icanhascheezburger (And is run by them also). Most of them are themed after music lyrics, but not all. I think I like the Emo one the best. Go check it out.