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Hellgate: London Update

Wow, this is getting very messy. IGN tries to clear it all up.

A significant number of Hellgate: LondonMythos and Ping0 staff have been made redundant, Gamasutrareports. Coming mere weeks after confessions from Hellgate executives regarding the game’s unfinished state, a sizeable rant by the company’s sole surviving programmer, and suggestions that the staff went considerably over-budget, the end of the line draws near for Flagship. Having accepted significant amounts of venture capitalist funding, Flagship currently has no way of repaying that investment, and presumably no way of paying day-to-day bills, despite EA’s claims of the game having one active million subscribers.However, Korean distributor and co-I.P. owner HanbitSoft later clarified that the majority of those subscribers were in their territory. And because of that, the firm has today taken control of Hellgate: London with the intention to maintain and update the game using in-house staff.


HanbitSoft states that the reason it is pursuing this course of action is because “It is hard for us to accept Flagship Studios’ requests for continued support in capital and funding any longer and because Flagship was being difficult”, and because it co-owns a direct stake in the IP, it therefore “has a say in reviewing and determining any course of action to be taken with Hellgate: London.”HanbitSoft is expected to take full control over the IP. HanbitSoft goes on to state that in doing so, it will be able to “properly manage and develop Hellgate: London into a good game with proper content”, with its own in-house team of developers.

The report further states that the online service of Hellgate: London, which started in January 15, 2008 acquired 100,000 early users within the first two weeks of operation during which time HanbitSoft earned 3 billion won (approximately 3 million USD) for the sales of Hellgate: London in Korea. However, the number of players in the game significantly declined due to the lack of general out-of-the-box content and the sparsity of ongoing content updates. Since its Open Beta launch, Hellgate: London has gone from being the 9th most played game in Korea to 52nd post-commercial launch.

Amusingly, Flagship knew nothing of the Asian revolt, and now intends to take all necessary legal action to retain control of Hellgate worldwide:


This story is an outright lie. We have no idea where they are getting their information from and have asked legal counsel to pursue the issue. We are mystified by Hanbitsoft’s conclusions and any attempt to take over the IP will be met with a strong and swift response, to “illegally take over the IP”. All right title and interest in Hellgate; London resides in Flagship Financing, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flagship Studios. We are outraged that Hanbitsoft would attempt to completely tarnish the reputation of its most vital developer. Hanbitsoft’s new management clearly does not understand the terms of its relationship with Flagship.

The saga continues, stay tuned.

Update: Hanbitsoft’s lawyers got in touch:


Please understand that the facts are (1) HanbitSoft is an exclusive licensee of both Hellgate and Mythos in Asia, with rights to sublicense the games; (2) in addition, HanbitSoft is a secured creditor who has been pledged the Mythos (but not the Hellgate) intellectual property as collateral for a loan; (3) Comerica, another secured lender, has been pledged the Hellgate intellectual property as its collateral for a loan; (4) Flagship Studios does not currently own the intellectual properties to either game, which are held in separate companies subject to the security interests of lenders, and Flagship Studios’ interest in those companies is also pledged to its lenders; (5) it is unfortunate that Flagship turned down additional investments HanbitSoft offered to make that would have allowed it to keep its doors open, but HanbitSoft hopes to work with Comerica and some of the team at Flagship to see if there is a way to continue to generate content to keep Hellgate online in Asia and to finish the development of Mythos.

Note point five: “would have allowed it to keep its doors open.” 


Alone in the Dark: Review Collection

Seems the game reviews are a bit split on the score to give Alone in the Dark, but mostly the reviews seem to be pretty bad.

IGN – 35/100
I love a good yarn, and I was hoping to find one in Alone in the Dark. Instead I was introduced to yet another amnesiac fighting demons and carrying around a spooky stone. It doesn’t help that our hero is challenged in the dialogue department, having been endowed by the game’s writers with a nasty blue streak. You can count on hearing the words f*** or s*** nearly every time our scarred-up hero opens his mouth, an attempt at gritty realism that comes off as adolescent and trite.


Team Xbox – 42/100
The problem is, who – if anyone – at the publisher or developer actually played this game and decided it was a good thing to unleash on gamers? Did they not realize how horrible the game is to control or how screamingly annoying the camera is switching from third person to a fixed shot is? Did no one say, guys we really need to make this game less of a frustrating mess, even for people who play lots of games? The answer to these questions seems to be “no”. – 60/100
For a game set in an eerie looking Central Park, with monsters around every corner, Alone in the Dark isn’t really very scary. You’d assume this would be a given. You even have the trademark torch that runs out of batteries, yet there are few scares. When a monster lands on the roof of your car for the first time you might jump, but then when you’ve seen another magically fly 100 metres in order to do so it ruins the mood somewhat. There’s a constant fear of death, but this isn’t down to the setting but the inevitable fumbling in your inventory. One of the scariest moments occurred early on when Carnby appeared to be having some kind of seizure, his body uncontrollably gyrating on the spot. Alas, this was a bug, just one of many that occurred during my play through of the game.


1UP – 75/100
As a lesson in ambition and creativity, AITD is an awkward (but welcome) role model. Though no one element is particularly polished, the game’s plenty varied, and it happily defies genre characterization wherever it can — racing segments, rappelling, and a handful of great ideas keep things fresh. Though with such methodical, purposeful design every step of the way, it’s tough to sit back and enjoy what’s otherwise an engaging, surprisingly cinematic caper. You likely won’t be thrilled by the time you sit through both of the equally lame lose-lose endings, but I can’t imagine you’d regret your time in the Dark.

Blizzard Teaser: What Does It Mean?

If you go to this is the image you will find as their splash page. What does it mean? Thats the questions all over the internet today. Is it Wrath of the Lich King release date? Is it Starcraft 2 release date? Maybe a new Diablo game? I am thinking that it is possibly the WotLK Beta announcement, but I am not sure.

If you look close at the picture you can see some kind of runes in the ice.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think it is.

Xbox 360 – Major Info Leak (and I mean MAJOR)

Last nigh a whole bunch of secret, as-yet-to-be-announced information was left accessible to the public (first spotted by MMaRsu@GAF). Here is some unconfirmed stuff that you should know. This stuff may well have been due to appear as official E3 announcements (for Microsoft) or official same-time-as-E3 announcements (for Activision). Looks like someone as MS is getting a talking to today.

Here are a WHOLE bunch of links to Kotaku, who was nice enough to wade through all the info:

Leak Seems to Confirm Xbox Live Avatars On the Way
Leaked Details On Lips, Microsoft’s Answer To SingStar
More Leaks: Forza 3 and Call of Duty
Game Show Channel Coming To Xbox Live
Guitar Hero World Tour’s New Guitar Control Revealed, Priced
Ultimate Band for Wii: Music Games in a More Casual Style
Spider-Man Wii Games To Use Wii Fit Balance Board, “Web Shooter” Controllers
Rumor: “Trioxide” To Allow Console Games To Be Played On PC?
Powers & Titans Probably Announced For 360, PS3, PC
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms
Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?
New Tony Hawk Game To Employ Motion-Controlled Peripheral?
Racing Equity Probably Announced

Age of Conan: First Class Buffs

So, it looks like the first round of “balancing” is already almost here. It seems that Necromancers and Demonologists are getting a buff in the near future. Here is the post for the forums.

Hello fellow Age of Conan players!

As was mentioned yesterday, I wanted to take the time to inform you all as to what we are currently working on in regard to the Demonologist and Necromancer classes specifically. While we are still actively looking at other class adjustments on a regular basis, these two classes are the ones with the largest number of planned improvements.

We are currently aware that both classes are having difficulties at various levels, so this first round of improvements is intended to ease the leveling process in addition to increasing the general fun-factor of normal gameplay.

Please note, all these adjustments will be reviewed after testing to determine if additional alterations are needed. So, with that in mind, this list is subject to change.

The duration of Protection of Set will be substantially increased.
The maximum damage absorbed before Protection of Set fails will be increased to be more in line with damage dealt in leveling scenarios. Additional survivability increases are also being evaluated.
Players will gain a visible debuff to indicate when Protection of Set has run out of absorbable damage.
The base splash damage dealt by Fires of Gehenna, Hellfire Stream, Shockstrike, and Shock will be substantially increased.
The amount of damage dealt by most damage sources will be reevaluated.
The cooldown of Inferno of Ahmner and Shockblast will be reduced to 2.5 seconds to match the casting time of Fires of Gehenna and Shockstrike.
The Archmage feat will be moved to tier 2 instead of tier 3 in the Mage general tree to make it more easily accessible to varying builds.
All crowd control will have a significantly reduced chance to break from damage dealt by pets.
Fiery Torment (Rank 1) will be introduced at level 30 instead of level 45.
The casting time of certain long-duration buffs will be reduced.
The run speed of pets will be increased significantly.
Various bugfixes and alterations to existing feats and abilities; for example, decreasing the casting time of Detonation.

The duration of Runed Flesh will be substantially increased.
The maximum damage absorbed before Runed Flesh fails will be increased to be more in line with damage dealt in leveling scenarios. Additional survivability increases are also being evaluated.
Players will gain a visible debuff to indicate when Runed Flesh has run out of absorbable damage.
The mana cost of all ranks of spells will be significantly reduced.
The damage dealt by Necromancer nukes will be reviewed and the amount inflicted and duration may be increased on specific ranks and spells.
The base splash damage on core Necromancer single-target spells will be added or increased.
The amount of periodic damage affected by absorb shields in PvP will be reviewed.
All crowd control will have a significantly reduced chance to break from damage dealt by pets.
The Archmage feat will be moved to tier 2 instead of tier 3 in the Mage general tree to make it more easily accessible to varying builds.
The casting time of certain long-duration buffs will be reduced.
The run speed of pets will be increased significantly.
Some issues in regard to melee pets having difficulties following moving NPCs will be improved.
Various bugfixes and alterations to existing feats and abilities.
In addition to this list of changes, we are looking at the technical issues that currently limit pets from zoning with players. We are actively working on a solution to issue; however, it will be addressed in a future patch beyond the changes listed above. Additional changes in regard to the way periodic damage applies to breakable crowd control are also being evaluated.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into some of the many changes we have planned for the near future! We look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes and also the continued state of these and all other classes. As mentioned in my previous post, we regularly read the sticky feedback threads in all class forums and very much appreciate the reports of issues with the various classes.

Thanks for reading!


Final Warhammer:Online Class Unveiled: It is a Furry?

Gamespot has an exclusive interview with Adam Gershowitz who reveiled that the previously unknown last character class for Mythics upcoming MMOG is the “White Lion”. Several people guessed at this, and seems they where right.

Amid the death and destruction that will befall the high elf land of Ulthuan when Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning releases later this year, there is a little bit of love. Hailing from the land of Chrace, the newly revealed white lion class will raise a war lion from a baby cub to a valiant beast of war. Players will be able to name their pet, choose distinctive fur patterns, and train it in the art of battle. Eventually, the war lion will grow into a loyal companion on the battlefield, elf’s best friend.

Hit the jump for the full Gamespot interview.

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11 Hot Cosplay Girls

I am not really a fan of Cosplay, I think its kind of silly. Dressing up for a Ren Faire is ok (not that I have done that since I was about 12), but some times I will make the exception. The guys (they would have to be right?) over at Slobs of Gaming have an article on the 11 Most Scorching Cosplay Girls. Even if like me, you don’t like Cosplay, you can still admire the Samas girl in the Metroid suit.

Hit the LINK for the full list.