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She is Retired?


It is a little bit hard to read, but well worth it.


Warhammer Online Release Date Set

After multiple delays and push backs EA has announced the release date for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. September 23rd. Link Here. I am excited. You should be too.

Warhammer Age of Reckoning: Guild Beta Starting

For those of you who signed up for the guild beta of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning better check your inboxes. Mark Jacobs has announced the beginning of the guild beta.

“WAR’s Guild Beta is here and some of the world’s most experienced MMO players will now get a chance to play one of the most anticipated MMOs of all time,” said Mark Jacobs, vice president and general manager of Mythic Entertainment. “We look forward to seeing them beat, bash and burn their way through the world that we have created for their enjoyment. It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s going to be glorious!”

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Age of Conan Cracks Down on Exploiters

Wild rumors started flying around many of the sites involved in Age of Conan yesterday afternoon. It seems that Funcom had done something pretty drastic. There had been rumors of a gold exploit involving the “traders” which are the banks and mail boxes in AoC, and hence the reason why they where removed from the game one day after release. I happen to know that there was another gold exploit going on, and it was pretty big. This exploit allowed the player to basically have unlimited gold in the game fairly quickly and very easily. Knowing the ease of this exploit made it a ticking time bomb on when Funcom would do some thing about it. Would they take the Blizzard rout and leave exploiters alone for several months and then do a mass banning, would they act quickly and remove the gold, or would they show incompetence and not even be able to track it? Hit the Jump to find out.

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Sudoku Finally Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

The guys over at Kotaku have a post up informing us that Sudoku is finally coming to XBLA. It took them quite a while to hop on the Sudoku bandwagon but now it is almost here.

The game not only features multiple puzzle sizes, difficulties, control schemes and tutorials, but also features multiplayer co-op and competition.

So while I completely suck at Sudoku and could care less, I am pretty sure my girlfriend will be happy about it.

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Battlefield Heroes Beta Signups Now Live (kinda)


Kotaku is reporting that EA’s new browser based FPS shooter Battlefield: Heroes has just opened up signup for their beta. You can try and go HERE and sign up, but the website seems to have crumbled under the weight of Kotaku readers trying to sign up.

Age of Conan Release Day

Today is Age of Conan release day, and I might just have to eat my words. For a while now I have been saying that AoC is going to be the Hellgate clusterfuck release of 2008, but according to a few of my friends in the Headstart, the 0 day patch really was a “miracle patch” that so many companies have said is coming but never does. According to reports, performance is much improved. To the point that older systems now have no problems with it, they have balanced a lot of the problems, and squashed a lot of the bugs.

Now this isn’t to say the game is completely polished, cause it’s not. But things are looking good right now. Dare we say Funcom’s best MMO release to date.

These reports really are not helping me not buy this game. Damn.