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Ga-Ko Alarm Clock

It is here! My Ga-Ko alarm clock has arrived. I have barely even played MGS:4 because I’ve been busy with life and now I’m prepping for Burning Man, but I knew that I loved the Ga-Ko clock and that I had to have it. Here it is. It’s great. It Ga-Ko’s at you and you press a button on his foot to make it stop. Pictures and an action video after the break.

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Qore June 08 Episode 1

Well I figured since I needed something to write about and Rup usually coughs up the money for new stuff that I would spend the 2.99 and get the first episode of Playstation 3’s Qore.

I will show a comprehensive list of all things included in the episode after the jump. Here is a general overview of what seems to me in the concept they are trying to go for. ‘Behind the scenes’ would sum it up pretty good. There are several featurettes that go into some detail about the a few games, there are some teasers for new games coming up and you may or may not be able to get in a beta. The whole things is ladened down with commercials granted they are like 10 seconds long and most of them can be skipped. Seems they may give out free games with each episode but only if you are an annual subscriber. Speaking of which I am not sold on this yet, actually not even close to it. I know it is there first go at it but aside from the game you don’t get and the beta that isn’t available yet, I think you could find the rest of this stuff on Qore on You Tube.

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