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Too Human, Not Enough?

For those of you who don’t know, Too Human is a Diabloish style game with a third person view set in a futuristic world of Norse mythology. Sounds pretty awesome to me. The initial gameplay videos made me really excited about the game. I was hoping that Too Human would be everything Hellgate: London was supposed to be. Exciting combat in a Sci-Fi setting with some awesome coop (and having it work). Well, last weekend the studio set out some preview copies to let reviews have some time with the game, and the results are not good. 

From Kotaku’s Round up:

Poor Denis DyackToo Human‘s not even out yet, and already, the knives are out. None sharper than this one: over on the Eurogamer boards, one of the site’s mods – a chap who claims to be a journo – says his Too Human review NDA is “against [his] human rights”. He also says “this has to be the worst game I’ve played in the last 5 years”, citing everything from the game’s animation to its supposedly repetitive combat. This follows on from a few hands-on impressions hitting yesterday that range from the wary to the downbeat to the cautiously damning. None of which are the final word. But all of which will nevertheless be taken as final gospel/reviews by the impressionable and trollish (despite the potential that one is a complete fabrication), which should make a fascinating case study in the construction of internet preconceptions for some student, somewhere.

“Interview with Silicon Knights about Too Human” [Eurogamer, via VG247]

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Sony Loses a Lot of Money on Game Devision

So it seems that Sony’s gaming devision is in the red. Deep red. is reporting that Sony’s gaming devision has lost $3.4 Billion. Here is the report:

Sony’s top priority in the coming year is “to restore profitability in our television and game businesses,” the company’s chairman, Howard Stringer, said today (Friday). Sony reported a $678-million loss in its TV business last year and a $3.4-billion loss in its game division. Speaking at a shareholders’ meeting in Tokyo, Stringer appeared to take note of the fact that Sony’s PlayStation game systems are selling well below those of rival Nintendo’s Wii, when he said, according to a Bloomberg News report, “Three years ago, we were criticized for the lack of innovation. Three days ago, in a U.K. brand poll, Sony was ranked No. 1 this year. … But, we are not No. 1 in my mind yet.”


Guitar Hero 4: Guitar First Look

Here is your first look at the new Guitar Hero 4 guitar. The buttons are higher on the neck and are also touch sensitive. I am pretty amped on this. I hope they retain the build quality of the GH3 guitar and don’t end up with another Rock Band guitar.

Xbox 360 – Major Info Leak (and I mean MAJOR)

Last nigh a whole bunch of secret, as-yet-to-be-announced information was left accessible to the public (first spotted by MMaRsu@GAF). Here is some unconfirmed stuff that you should know. This stuff may well have been due to appear as official E3 announcements (for Microsoft) or official same-time-as-E3 announcements (for Activision). Looks like someone as MS is getting a talking to today.

Here are a WHOLE bunch of links to Kotaku, who was nice enough to wade through all the info:

Leak Seems to Confirm Xbox Live Avatars On the Way
Leaked Details On Lips, Microsoft’s Answer To SingStar
More Leaks: Forza 3 and Call of Duty
Game Show Channel Coming To Xbox Live
Guitar Hero World Tour’s New Guitar Control Revealed, Priced
Ultimate Band for Wii: Music Games in a More Casual Style
Spider-Man Wii Games To Use Wii Fit Balance Board, “Web Shooter” Controllers
Rumor: “Trioxide” To Allow Console Games To Be Played On PC?
Powers & Titans Probably Announced For 360, PS3, PC
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms
Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?
New Tony Hawk Game To Employ Motion-Controlled Peripheral?
Racing Equity Probably Announced

Metal Gear Solid 4: Reviews from Other People

I didn’t have time to grab MGS4 yesterday, as I was late for watching the Lakers kick the crap out of the Celtics…

Oh right.

Anyway, Kotakuhas done the work for us and collected another of their Frankenreviews. Here are what some of the other major review sites had to say about Metal Gear Solid 4:


Score: 100

Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that would merit that score. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a title that exceeds all of the hype that was attached to the title. Regardless of whether you’ve seen every trailer and screenshot, read every preview and heard every interview, you won’t get a full sense of how phenomenal this title is unless you sit down and experience it for yourself.

Wow, do you think IGN could get their noses any farther up Konami’s ass? I don’t, but when was the last time you read a really good review form IGN anyway? 

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Mega Man 9?

Mega Man 9 (ESRB)

It appears as though the ESRB has rated Mega Man 9……..

New Classic Mega Man and he couldn’t show up in Brawl. I am both excited for this game, and PISSED at Nintendo for being such asshats and leaving him out of SBBB.


Qore June 08 Episode 1

Well I figured since I needed something to write about and Rup usually coughs up the money for new stuff that I would spend the 2.99 and get the first episode of Playstation 3’s Qore.

I will show a comprehensive list of all things included in the episode after the jump. Here is a general overview of what seems to me in the concept they are trying to go for. ‘Behind the scenes’ would sum it up pretty good. There are several featurettes that go into some detail about the a few games, there are some teasers for new games coming up and you may or may not be able to get in a beta. The whole things is ladened down with commercials granted they are like 10 seconds long and most of them can be skipped. Seems they may give out free games with each episode but only if you are an annual subscriber. Speaking of which I am not sold on this yet, actually not even close to it. I know it is there first go at it but aside from the game you don’t get and the beta that isn’t available yet, I think you could find the rest of this stuff on Qore on You Tube.

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