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Great E-Piano Video

Amazing. This guy Ronald Jenkees makes great music on just a piano. Very sort of soothing and yet exciting at the same time.


Duke Nukem Video

So, there was a video released with some actual gameplay footage, but it comes at the very end of a long, boring and stupid video. The one great moment comes when the interviewer asks “What the fuck is taking so long” and the developer responds with, “Well, there has been a lot of World of Warcraft. We really wanted to finish the game, but we REALLY wanted level 70 characters”. So there you go, blame Blizzard for the Duke Nukem Forever delay.

I will link it HERE but it is honestly not worth watching.

The Reason Why Age of Conan is Awesome

New ‘Flight of the Concords’ Video


Enjoy this new Flight of the Concords video.

Krik + Spock = Gay Sex?

The secret gay life of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock finally comes to light with a song and dance. Thanks Internet.

Too Human Coop = Sexy

Kotaku has a video of showing some coop gameplay for Too Human. It looks really fun. Yes, they have scaled it back to only 2 person coop, but damn it looks good.

 Too Human Coop Video


Wrath of the Lich King Infodump

Blizzard has just released a whole bunch of information on Wrath of the Lich King, MMO Champion has collected most of it together for easy reading HERE.

There is also a 10 minute HD Video HERE. Hit the Jump for full infodump as collected from MMO Champion.

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