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Warhammer Online Release Date: Part 2

So, it looks like the date got pushed up. Multiple sites are now showing the Collectors Edition of the game is due to ship on Sept 16th, and they are listing that the servers will go live on Sept 18th.

That sounds a little more solid than a guess. 


Warhammer News, the Content Cuts Start

Some pretty big news came from an interview with Mark Jacobs this morning. I am not going to beat around the bush. Here is the news.

1. They are going to use Punkbuster.

2. Four of the six capital cities have been cut from release. Might be patched in later. Currently the Empire and Chaos cities are going to be the only capital cities for release.

3. Four of the classes have been cut, because they couldn’t make them great. The four cut classes are Greenskin Choppa, Dark Elf Blackguard, Dwarf Hammerer and Empire Knight of the Blazing Sun.

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Final Warhammer:Online Class Unveiled: It is a Furry?

Gamespot has an exclusive interview with Adam Gershowitz who reveiled that the previously unknown last character class for Mythics upcoming MMOG is the “White Lion”. Several people guessed at this, and seems they where right.

Amid the death and destruction that will befall the high elf land of Ulthuan when Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning releases later this year, there is a little bit of love. Hailing from the land of Chrace, the newly revealed white lion class will raise a war lion from a baby cub to a valiant beast of war. Players will be able to name their pet, choose distinctive fur patterns, and train it in the art of battle. Eventually, the war lion will grow into a loyal companion on the battlefield, elf’s best friend.

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