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WTF Image of the Day: Fail Friday

So its Friday and there is not a huge amount of new apart from all the frothing over the Blizzard teaser page. We will find out soon enough what that means (Tomorrow). Here are some FAIL images, enjoy, and I will have an update tomorrow on the Blizzard stuff.


WTF Image of the Day: Friday



Happy Friday guys. It is hot as hell here. Go to the beach or the pool. Turn on the AC and have a good weekend.

WTF Image of the Day

Thanks, I didn’t really want to eat tonight anyway. I hope my girlfriend isn’t cooking corn.

WTF Image of the Day: Friday

It has been a little while since we had a WTF Image of the Day, thanks in part to AoC and me not having time to find one. Here is a gallery I have been saving up for a Friday.

WTF Image of the Day


I think this image I found on is probably the most WTF of any image to date. I mean really, WTF? Go ahead and take another close look at it, WTF is is going on here. I love you Internet, with out you, I would never have seen this.

WTF Image of the Day: Friday

I know I said last Friday that I was moving, but we had one of those “Haha just kidding” moments. So, this weekend we are moving for real, and once again an extra WTF Image of the Day for Friday. 



WTF Image of the Day: Friday Edition

Since it is Friday, and I am moving this weekend and wont have any internet, I am giving you a few extra WTF Images. Enjoy and wish me luck with moving.

Happy Friday.