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Too Human, Not Enough?

For those of you who don’t know, Too Human is a Diabloish style game with a third person view set in a futuristic world of Norse mythology. Sounds pretty awesome to me. The initial gameplay videos made me really excited about the game. I was hoping that Too Human would be everything Hellgate: London was supposed to be. Exciting combat in a Sci-Fi setting with some awesome coop (and having it work). Well, last weekend the studio set out some preview copies to let reviews have some time with the game, and the results are not good. 

From Kotaku’s Round up:

Poor Denis DyackToo Human‘s not even out yet, and already, the knives are out. None sharper than this one: over on the Eurogamer boards, one of the site’s mods – a chap who claims to be a journo – says his Too Human review NDA is “against [his] human rights”. He also says “this has to be the worst game I’ve played in the last 5 years”, citing everything from the game’s animation to its supposedly repetitive combat. This follows on from a few hands-on impressions hitting yesterday that range from the wary to the downbeat to the cautiously damning. None of which are the final word. But all of which will nevertheless be taken as final gospel/reviews by the impressionable and trollish (despite the potential that one is a complete fabrication), which should make a fascinating case study in the construction of internet preconceptions for some student, somewhere.

“Interview with Silicon Knights about Too Human” [Eurogamer, via VG247]

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Alone in the Dark: Review Collection

Seems the game reviews are a bit split on the score to give Alone in the Dark, but mostly the reviews seem to be pretty bad.

IGN – 35/100
I love a good yarn, and I was hoping to find one in Alone in the Dark. Instead I was introduced to yet another amnesiac fighting demons and carrying around a spooky stone. It doesn’t help that our hero is challenged in the dialogue department, having been endowed by the game’s writers with a nasty blue streak. You can count on hearing the words f*** or s*** nearly every time our scarred-up hero opens his mouth, an attempt at gritty realism that comes off as adolescent and trite.


Team Xbox – 42/100
The problem is, who – if anyone – at the publisher or developer actually played this game and decided it was a good thing to unleash on gamers? Did they not realize how horrible the game is to control or how screamingly annoying the camera is switching from third person to a fixed shot is? Did no one say, guys we really need to make this game less of a frustrating mess, even for people who play lots of games? The answer to these questions seems to be “no”. – 60/100
For a game set in an eerie looking Central Park, with monsters around every corner, Alone in the Dark isn’t really very scary. You’d assume this would be a given. You even have the trademark torch that runs out of batteries, yet there are few scares. When a monster lands on the roof of your car for the first time you might jump, but then when you’ve seen another magically fly 100 metres in order to do so it ruins the mood somewhat. There’s a constant fear of death, but this isn’t down to the setting but the inevitable fumbling in your inventory. One of the scariest moments occurred early on when Carnby appeared to be having some kind of seizure, his body uncontrollably gyrating on the spot. Alas, this was a bug, just one of many that occurred during my play through of the game.


1UP – 75/100
As a lesson in ambition and creativity, AITD is an awkward (but welcome) role model. Though no one element is particularly polished, the game’s plenty varied, and it happily defies genre characterization wherever it can — racing segments, rappelling, and a handful of great ideas keep things fresh. Though with such methodical, purposeful design every step of the way, it’s tough to sit back and enjoy what’s otherwise an engaging, surprisingly cinematic caper. You likely won’t be thrilled by the time you sit through both of the equally lame lose-lose endings, but I can’t imagine you’d regret your time in the Dark.

Guitar Hero 4: Guitar First Look

Here is your first look at the new Guitar Hero 4 guitar. The buttons are higher on the neck and are also touch sensitive. I am pretty amped on this. I hope they retain the build quality of the GH3 guitar and don’t end up with another Rock Band guitar.

Xbox 360 Info Leak

It seems that once again the guys at Neogaf have come across some information about games that haven’t even been announced just yet. The information comes from a marketing website, which featured some of the latest information on Activision and Microsoft’s future titles. 

As reported by Palgn:

First up, it seems like avatars will be coming to the Xbox 360. According to the image we’ve been shown, “Avatars are digital personas available this holiday for all Xbox Live connected members and this Spring [Autumn for us] for all new console owners. Avatars will be used in place of the gamer picture you have today and will give you a much more lifelike, animated and fully customisable persona for you to reflect who you are online”. 

First information was also revealed on Microsoft published games, Scene It? 2, Forza Motorsport 3 and Lips. The following is a direct quote describing Lips: “Lips is a music and singing game that includes 30 songs, 2 wireless interactive microphones, the ability to use and sing your own music or downloaded songs from an online service. Designed to have fun with friends, Lips scores you on your singing (pitch, rhythm, and tune) and overall performance. Wireless mics are interactive, with lights on the shaft of the microphone that pulse to the rhythm of your voice, and motion sensors that allow you to dance, move or swing to score points. Take songs from a CD or your iPod, and upload them into the game. The game will reduce the vocals so you can sing along and be heard, and score on whether you’re in tune. Lyrics can also be added directly into the song to sing along.” 

Scene It? Pop Culture Edition will contain trivia questions about movie, music and pop culture. According to the website, Forza Motorsport 3 will be a 2 disk title, with 100 tracks and over 400 cars. The game will feature “near limitless customisation options for car tuning and custom artwork” and will feature several new race modes, such as drag, drift, oval and point-to-point racing. 

In the leak, some new information was also released about Guitar Hero 4. Apparently the game will come with a new touch-sensitive guitar neck slide that opens up the “entire guitar neck for unbound solos”. The leaked document also states that some of the artists that will feature in the game include Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, System of a Down, Ozzy Osbourne, Interpol, Muse and “dozens more”. 

For more information on other Activision titles such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Spider-Man Vs Marvel Zombies and Transformers 2, head to Neogaf. It’s worth noting that Microsoft and Activision have confirmed none of these details just yet. When, and if they do, we’ll let you know.


XBLA Marathon to Get Map Pack

From Kotaku: It seems that Bungie classic Marathon for Xbox Live Arcade is getting a treat tomorrow as the company announces the release of the Jjaro Map Pack. Due out tomorrow, the map pack includes twelve classic multiplayer levels from Marathon and Marathon Infinity: Thrud, Vulcan, King of Pain, Spiral Insanity, Dead Fields, Morphine, La Cosa Nostra, Mars Needs Women, ‘Fugee Camp, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Arena, and Spline. Each new map will support the new game types King of the Hill, Man with the Ball, and Tag.

The pack also includes the Jjaro texture and design set from Marathon Infinity, as well as two new achievements with the potential to add another 30 points to your gamerscore.

Look for the Jjaro Map Pack tomorrow for the low, low price of 250 Microsoft points. It looks so old it’s practically new!

Freeverse Announces New Content Pack for Critically AcclaimedMarathon: Durandal on Xbox LIVE Arcade

New York – June 17th, 2008 – Freeverse, Inc. today announced its plans to release a major downloadable content pack for its 2007 XBox LIVE Arcade port of Marathon: Durandal, Bungie’s classic first-person shooter. Slated for a June 18th release, this content pack will extend the Marathon gaming experience on the Xbox 360 gaming console with new maps, game modes, and textures.

Available for 250 Microsoft Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the Jjaro Map Pack for Marathon: Durandal will include 12 classic multiplayer levels previously seen in Bungie’s Marathon and Marathon Infinity.

Nostalgic players will recall the names of these classic maps: Thrud, Vulcan, King of Pain, Spiral Insanity, Dead Fields, Morphine, La Cosa Nostra, Mars Needs Women, ‘Fugee Camp, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Arena, and Spline.

Each of these downloadable maps will support new gametypes previously unseen in their original release on the Macintosh platform, including King of the Hill, Kill the Man with the Ball, and Tag.

Also included in this downloadable content pack is the “Jjaro” collection, a texture and design set previously introduced in Marathon Infinity. In addition to these exciting new environments in which to play, players will also be able to unlock two new achievements:

Thing What Kicks – Kill a Juggernaut in Survival and live to tell the tale. 20 points.

King Pfhor a Day – Outscore all other players (at least 3) combined in a King of the Hill or Kill the Man with the Ball match. 10 points.

Players must download and enable the Jjaro Map Pack before they can earn these challenging new achievements.

Marathon, considered ahead of its time in 1994, was a first-person shooter featuring an advanced 3D graphics engine, interesting story line, and compelling multiplayer game modes. Unique level design set players against obstacles and puzzles, including low-gravity spots, crushing ceilings, and magnetic fields that interfere with the player’s motion sensor. Marathon’s unique gameplay paved the way for two sequels, as well as Bungie’s later franchise Halo.

Freeverse’s 2007 XBox LIVE Arcade port adds some modern flair to this timeless classic, including a revised hud, enhanced widescreen high-definition graphics, and an increased framerate. Multiplayer is possible through four-player split-screen and 8-player games over Xbox LIVE, including both co-op and deathmatch modes. Winner of a Best of Show Award at the E3 2007 show, Marathon: Durandal is currently available on the XBox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.


Mega Man 9?

Mega Man 9 (ESRB)

It appears as though the ESRB has rated Mega Man 9……..

New Classic Mega Man and he couldn’t show up in Brawl. I am both excited for this game, and PISSED at Nintendo for being such asshats and leaving him out of SBBB.


GH3: Through the Fire and Flames 100%

Congrats to Chris. He finally got that 100% on expert. Amazing stuff.