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Xbox 360 – Major Info Leak (and I mean MAJOR)

Last nigh a whole bunch of secret, as-yet-to-be-announced information was left accessible to the public (first spotted by MMaRsu@GAF). Here is some unconfirmed stuff that you should know. This stuff may well have been due to appear as official E3 announcements (for Microsoft) or official same-time-as-E3 announcements (for Activision). Looks like someone as MS is getting a talking to today.

Here are a WHOLE bunch of links to Kotaku, who was nice enough to wade through all the info:

Leak Seems to Confirm Xbox Live Avatars On the Way
Leaked Details On Lips, Microsoft’s Answer To SingStar
More Leaks: Forza 3 and Call of Duty
Game Show Channel Coming To Xbox Live
Guitar Hero World Tour’s New Guitar Control Revealed, Priced
Ultimate Band for Wii: Music Games in a More Casual Style
Spider-Man Wii Games To Use Wii Fit Balance Board, “Web Shooter” Controllers
Rumor: “Trioxide” To Allow Console Games To Be Played On PC?
Powers & Titans Probably Announced For 360, PS3, PC
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms
Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?
New Tony Hawk Game To Employ Motion-Controlled Peripheral?
Racing Equity Probably Announced


Saints Row 2 Delayed

Routers is reporting that THQ has delayed Saints Row 2, the sequel to the fun Grand Theft Auto clone. I personally enjoyed the hell out of Saints Row as I felt it had fun missions, and some good improvements over GTA3, that even GTA4 didn’t implement. One of my favorites was being able to customize cars, and even to save cars in your garage, and being able to access them again, even if you don’t bring them back. Anyway, with the success of GTA4, it is no wonder they are delaying a little bit.  

Here is what Routers had to say:

SAN FRANCISCO, May 28 (Reuters) – THQ Inc (THQI.O: QuoteProfileResearch) is delaying the release of its “Saints Row 2” video game by two months due to product quality and marketing considerations, a senior executive said on Wednesday.

The delay to Oct. 14 from Aug. 26 means the game will be released in THQ’s fiscal third quarter instead of the second quarter, but will not affect the company’s financial outlook for its 2009 fiscal year, Bob Aniello, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, told Reuters.

“Saints Row 2”, an action game featuring gangsters roaming an open world, is a key part of THQ’s bid to turn around its business, hit last year by sluggish sales of other titles.


First Beyond Good & Evil 2 Video

*Video link changed to new video that works*

I loved BG&E so much, It was a great underground game for Xbox. One of the most underplayed games of all time I believe right behind Psychonaughts.

I am so glad Ubisoft is making a sequel.

Sudoku Finally Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

The guys over at Kotaku have a post up informing us that Sudoku is finally coming to XBLA. It took them quite a while to hop on the Sudoku bandwagon but now it is almost here.

The game not only features multiple puzzle sizes, difficulties, control schemes and tutorials, but also features multiplayer co-op and competition.

So while I completely suck at Sudoku and could care less, I am pretty sure my girlfriend will be happy about it.

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Xbox-ercise Alive

I felt the need to give a little rubbing to our new editor Nickel. His most recent post as you saw was the Wii exercise program “Wii Fit.”

Introducing the Xbox (and obviously more kick ass) Xbox-ercise Alive, the question is; do you want to do yoga or do you want to do yoga while kicking your friend in the face? I think clearly in our gun toting, powersuit wearing, car stealing world that exercising while mutilating is the way to go.

“existing Xbox 360 owners should find the Xbox-ercise aLive exercises easy to master. “Most of them did these sort of movements when they got ‘red rings of death,’ so they shouldn’t have any problems.” – Belham

Like most Microsoft subscription programs this one is pricey and will cost you around $200-$2000 a year but it keeps you from having to step foot outside.

New locked achievements are presented to you as such (you can guess at what you get for unlocking them):

I guess Microsoft is figuring that this will encourage it’s overweight clients to unlock these achievements, however they are stealing yet again from Nintendo when it let you unlock a mostly naked Samus Aran for beating Super Metriod under a certain time.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Spring Showcase

Microsoft is having their Spring Showcase and they are showing off a bunch of new stuff. I posted a Too Human video already. Here is a big chunk of gaming info.

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Too Human Coop = Sexy

Kotaku has a video of showing some coop gameplay for Too Human. It looks really fun. Yes, they have scaled it back to only 2 person coop, but damn it looks good.

 Too Human Coop Video